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Task Killer - How to use in Jelly Bean

Last Updated: Mar 15, 2016 11:56PM EDT
Using the Task Killer built into Jelly Bean 

A lot of times when we stop using an app, we simply leave it open and do not clear it out of memory. While Android OS is coded to free unused apps from memory when more storage is needed, sometimes it is not fast enough.

If you experience sluggish behavior, or need to close an app, then using the built-in Task Killer in Jelly Bean may help you.

1) While in Android, hold the physical "n" button on the Nook.


A screen will popup on the left listing all the recent apps you have open.


2) Tap the three stacked rectangles  to close all the apps.


If you want to close just a single app or a select few, simply swipe them off the screen.


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