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What is a widget and how do I use one? (video)

Last Updated: Mar 16, 2016 12:21AM EDT
A widget is basically an interactive app that sits on a home screen. Widgets can be used for many things, the most common being to read the time or provide up-to-date weather info. Widgets allow you to accomplish a task like changing a song on your music player or reading the day's headlines without having to go into an app to do so. There are several widgets preloaded on the N2A Card, like News & Weather, the Google search bar and Calendar, which shows upcoming items on your Google Calendar.

Other widgets are preloaded on the card but not on the home screen, and many more can be downloaded through the Google Play store.

To use widgets follow these steps:

1) Long-press a blank spot on a home screen. A pop-up window will open.

2) Select Widgets.

3) Scroll through the list until you find the widget you want and tap it to add it to your home screen.

Note: If the widget does not appear on your home screen it is most likely because there is not enough room for it. Remove other widgets or apps from the home screen and try again. Some widgets, when long-pressed, will give you the option of how large you want them to appear on your home screen.

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