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Certain parts of my screen seem unresponsive to touch while in Android mode.

Last Updated: Feb 25, 2013 04:10PM EST
Every once in a while it may seem like the screen is not responding to your touch. There are a couple ways to attempt to fix this.

First and foremost, try cleaning the screen with an amonia-free glass cleaner and towel. Sometimes, with a lot of use, the oils and dirt from our hands can affect the functionality of your device and its ability to sense your touch.

If cleaning the screen doesn't work, you can try a more technical approach. There is an app available for free in the Market/Play Store called Nook Screen Recalibrate. Search for it, download and install it.

Once installed, open the app. Touch the "Re-calibrate" button.

A Superuser Request window will pop up. Press "Allow."

The app will now run on its own and reboot your device. Upon reboot, you should find the screen more receptive to your touch.

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