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Can I set my screen to lock and open with a password?

Last Updated: Mar 16, 2016 12:16AM EDT
By default the N2A Card has screen-lock disabled. This is for your protection so you or someone else does not accidentally lock you out of Android. To enable screen lock and password-, PIN- or pattern-protection, please follow the instructions below. N2A is not responsible if you lock yourself out for any reason. We advise that you not turn this feature on unless absolutely necessary.

To enable screen lock, press the menu button from your home screen.

Choose "Settings" and then "Location and security." From here, go to "Set up screen lock" (or "Change screen lock").

Now you can choose your method of unlocking your screen, pattern, PIN or password.

Set your password or PIN and use the "N" button to go to your home screen. Go to the menu and choose "Settings" and then "Display." From here, you'll be able to change the time it takes for your screen to lock (set it to 1 minute+ for lock to work properly).

Press the home ("N") button again to go back to your home screen. Go to menu, "Settings" and "CyanogenMod settings." From here, choose "Tablet tweaks."

Uncheck the box next to "Disable lockscreen."

Your device is now password-protected. Please write down the password, PIN or pattern and put it somewhere safe. There is currently no known way to unlock the screen if you lose your password. Activate this feature at your own risk.

Note that if you set a PIN you must force restart the device before you can log back in.

If you choose to draw a pattern to unlock your screen but want to remove the default pattern, below is the pattern you must use to unlock the default. It should be done in a fluid tracing motion.

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