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Why do I need to use a Sandisk class 4 micro SD card?

Last Updated: Mar 16, 2016 12:19AM EDT
At N2A we only distribute Sandisk Class 4 cards and we state on all our download versions of N2A Android Jelly Bean and Gingerbread that you should use the same. 

This is done for a reason and we can't impress enough just how important this is. Not using a Sandisk class 4 micro SD card can cause many problems and disrupt your enjoyment of our products. 

Many of the reports we receive about problems turn out to be from users who are NOT using Sandisk Class 4 micro SD cards. Our support teams spend a lot of time dealing with customers requiring support who are having problems solely because they are using the wrong make and class of card. 

We have tested many makes and classes of micro SD cards. Sandisk class 4 is the only one that gave us reliable results. 

During our testing we discovered many other makes and classes of cards would often appear to initially work, especially on fresh setups. Then as the card got used, various issues would begin appear. Some cards only had small issues that you wouldn't necessarily attribute to the card, while others had glaring issues that stopped the card from working at all. 

Some of the most common problems caused by using the wrong micro SD card make and class are as follows:
  • Slow loading of apps
  • Heavy battery usage
  • Apps crashing or "Force closing"
  • Android "freezing" for short periods during use causing a sort or "stuttering" effect
  • Android taking an unusually long time to start up when you first turn on
  • Android unexpectedly rebooting into Nook mode during use
  • Nooks failing to recognise and start form your SD card and going straight to Nook mode instead of booting into Android
  • Android getting stuck at boot animation and not starting up at all
In our experience, the best way to avoid these issues and others is by using the Sandisk class 4 micro SD card. So if you've used another card and have had issues, before doing anything else, please try changing the card.

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