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Can I change the Android device ID?

Last Updated: Mar 16, 2016 12:26AM EDT
There may be a time you need to change your Android ID. There are a couple ways to do this; here is the easiest:

Using a browser on your device while in Android mode, find this page and download Android ID Changer.

Slide open the notification bar and touch the notification that says "Download complete." Press "Install" and then "Done."

Note that you can also choose to download Android ID Changer to your computer and then use your favorite method to transfer it over to your device and install it.

Now you can use Android ID Changer to change your device ID. To do so, open the App Drawer (four-square icon on your home screen). Choose Android ID Changer.

If a Super User window pops up, select "Allow."

In the top left corner you should see your current Android ID (you might want to write this down and keep it somewhere safe).

Choose "Save ID" to save your original Android ID to your SD card. This will be retrievable later if you should need or want it.

Now you can type in a new 16-digit ID. This works best if you keep the letters the same and just change the numbers. So, for example if your original ID was ad54c, you could change it to ad12c. (Obviously the actual number is much longer.) When you're finished with this, press the "Change ID" button. Note that if this button is not available you should check the number of characters in your ID; it's probably too few.

Your device will now restart with a new Android ID. To make sure it worked, simply go back into Android ID Changer and see if the number in the top left corner has changed.

If you want to change back to your original ID, open Android ID Changer and touch the "Load ID" button. This will only work if you previously saved your ID.

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